That Foolish Young Man 


Personal development is the key to a happy life.I opened the car door fighting the tears but not the memories:
     * my  daughter’s  delight, as I squeezed into that tiny plastic pool for a swim;
     * riding with her on the miniature Smurf train (again and again);
     * the pride of her cheer-leading and the wonder of watching her become a teenager: The stuffed animals are for decoration, Dad!

And my son.  Teaching him to go under water by accidentally dropping my keys in the deep end of the pool, followed by my pocket change; that glorious day hiking at Pinnacles National; and those treasured chess games I always lost—and no, not on purpose.

As I finally start the car, I can almost smile at the unfair wrestling matches, two against one, and a Dad that always went down, but never easily.

No personal development bring sadnessNext week, my eyes will be tearing again, because, you see, there was a divorce.

Looking back from the height of some decades, that divorce is now just one of many regrets. I wish I could spend some time with that young, foolish know-it-all. Put my arm around his shoulders; whisper an insight or two.

Perhaps if I had been in his life, that life might have gone a bit better, somewhat easier.

I’d like to think so.

These days?  I am taking a life-time of what I have learned and sharing it: all of the simple techniques, ideas and insights that speed personal development and make it permanent. 

Yes, I am still that psychic, the one who has no interest in the future, and, although I am writing at the moment, I will again be asking intuitive questions that bring eye-widening insights and permanent change (see  https://danielsperaw.com/about/ )

But now is the time to share, and I’m putting it all on this blog, currently 4 times a week.

Personal development bring life.

Each post is meant to be a gift for the one in your life who needs you most — you. 

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