Trust Yourself? How to Tap into Your Deepest Answers

( A 60-Second Look at a Life-Lifting Change ) 
You will be much happier when you learn to trust yourself.
Trust yourself, but where’s the answer?
Stay in the relationship or leave?
Take the new job or hang on to the old?
Paint the room sky blue or eggshell white?
I hate not knowing.  And it feels like I’ll never
Know.   But that I should know (and there is
Something wrong with me for not knowing)
Buy a new car or pay repairs on the old?
Ask her to marry me or hold off?
Keep living here with these problems or
Move to where things might be–?
Sometimes it feels like any decision is better than living
With the negativity of not knowing, so with an
Angry shake of my head, I push myself to decide
For better or worse.  Now!
Answers will come when you trust yourself.

There are only 4 ways to make a decision:
Logically – listing the pros and cons
Listening –  for the deeper answer
Waiting – for circumstances to decide 
Or Intuitively 
These two will be the subjects of future posts
Many people rely on the first one, logic.  It gives
Them the feeling of control, as they consider
The possibilities, list the pros and cons and
(At the time of their choosing) make a decision
But the answers that come from logic are not
Always the most energy filled and positive in
The long-term
In contrast, deep answers always give us, and
Our lives, the most positive energy, both long
Term and short 
Why don’t we know these deeper answers right
Away?  One reason is the tension we feel as we
Tighten against the negative feelings of not
And then tighten even more as we try to
Squeeze out an answer
But the answer is this: stop tightening
Relaxing releases the knowing within
You can learn to trust yourself.
If going for a deep answer is a new idea, try this:
1 Breathe out the tension             with every breath
2 As you continue to relax,           let the discomfort
       Be okay
3 When you feel as relaxed as possible
       Quietly ask yourself, What do I want?
4 If the answer doesn’t come or isn’t clear
        Let it go until the next time
The most difficult part of doing this is living with the
Uncertainty, the negativity, as we wait for an answer 
The easiest way to do this is to relax by breathing out
The tension

And the answer will always come.  You will always

Know what you want to do.  Be patient
With some practice, you will be able to know right
Away what you want on the deepest level.  And this
Ability brings an added reward: Increased self-confidence
So, go ahead, try it: take a deep breath, let go and
Let your answers come
And Watch Out for the Word Should
Trust yourself is a path that takes practice.It can cause terrible confusion, like the time
My brother was going out with 2 women:

One was doing a lot to help him and he felt
He should be with her (in gratitude).  The other woman?  He liked her more, and just couldn’t decide which way to go

I told him the same thing that I have told myself many
Times since:  throw out the should and go with your
Desire.   Should has never had anything to do with the
Reality of our feelings.  And it never will

If you’re looking for a deeper way to relax (that can Work even standing, eyes open), this is it:

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