Complain? Nobody Wants to Hear About Your Cockroaches (an easy way to lift your life)

 ( A 60-Second Look at a Life-Lifting Change )
Do not even complain about this.As my brother walked into the hotel’s
Bathroom, he saw a huge cockroach
Chewing on his tooth brush 
Much later (and with great distance from that
Bizarre moment), he made it a life metaphor:
Most situations have, or will have, a cockroach
or two
This allows him to skip more/all of the
Complaining and get to the accepting and the
And it’s true, the cockroaches of life are
Everywhere, giving us those small and big
Disappointments, as our expectations aren’t met
Even the smallest of these cockroaches bring up negative
Feelings, and the easiest way to release them 
(To make ourselves feel better) is to complain
       (This next part is a bit embarrassing) Life is beautiful when you do not complain.
During the first part of my life, all I could see 
Were the cockroaches, and that’s what I expressed
If someone said, “Nice (weather, car or shirt),” I
Would say, “Yeah, but—” and then add a negative
Even worse, I complained about every single
Cockroach in my life, whether it was the cold
Or heat; or the car breaking or breaking
In my shoes or being broke
Sometimes (and this is the most embarrassing)
My complaint was made in a whiny voice, a voice
That sounded like I was asking the listener for help
To step in (Please make it better!)
No matter what it is, or when, complaining is
Always a downer for those listening, and during That time of my life, I think more than a few
People went out of their way to avoid me
When I finally stopped complaining, life got better
And then–
In the market one day, I stepped up to the check
Stand and casually asked, “How’s your day going?” 
His voice was grateful, as he quietly said, “Great. 
This is a good day!”
I was surprised at the lift I felt, mostly
Because his words were genuine, but also
Because there was nothing special going on
In the store or in his life
His example gives me the option of lifting my life
On demand
If you don’t think stopping all complaints will
Do not complain and life gets better.Make a real difference in your life, I throw this
Gauntlet at your feet: a 30-day challenge
That’s right!  Not one complaint for 30 days
And you will probably be surprised at the lift in
Your life (even without additional positivity)
Does 30 days seem too long?  Try it for just a week
Or even 3 days.  It might just be enough to
Convince you to go all the way.  
Note: if you find it difficult to stop complaining, you might
Need to get rid of some negative feelings within.  Like this:
And this can help make your inner-dialogue more positive:
Note: give yourself the gift of that 30-Day Challenge with You can't complain when you are this high.the last link below.  And here are some additional suggestions on stopping all complaints:
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