Release the Past Once & For All

Note – this is a combination of several posts, so that all the information is in one place.
Old Emotional Baggage?
Release the past is a good way to liveSome people believe
They carry no old emotions
That they are completely free of the past
And yet, they snack when not hungry
Turn on the TV or work when not
Really interested
Find themselves suddenly angry at
Traffic they knew was going to be there
And occasionally see surprised looks
From those around them, as they
Realize they’ve over-reacted
They also find themselves emotional:
Angry, sad, hurt when there is absolutely
Nothing emotional happening
And, finally, their quality of life is lower It is time to release the past.
Because thoughts and feelings of a negative
Past just keep coming back up.  Why?
Because in the past, some experiences
Were just too painful to process (often as
Children).  So, they distracted themselves
And whatever they didn’t feel was left within   
I’ve been using the word they, but I am, of
Course, talking about me: for the longest
Time, I lived with all of the signs of hauling
Old emotional baggage
And still believed I was free of the past
Because when I looked inside I didn’t see
Any emotion, certainly didn’t feel any
You will feel better if you release the past
But those negative thoughts and emotions
Continued coming up, at odd times, pulling me
Back to memories I wanted to forget
Eventually, I realized they would just keep
Coming, that they would never stop
Simply because they never had
So, I gave in, started facing those thoughts and
Feelings, instead of distracting myself.  And after
A (long?) time, I realized life was becoming
Easier, and that I was becoming stronger 
Because for us humans, facing what we do not
Want to face, feeling what we do not want to
Feel does that.  Makes us stronger

Release the past and be happy.

Freer too, a bit more, every time 
Release It Permanently
If you are ready to release
The past once and for all, here is a way:
1  Know that those negative thoughts and
Feelings keep coming up because they
Are trying to release
2  When you feel a negative emotion, even
The smallest, notice how your body and
Breath tighten.  That tension is what has
Been stopping the past from releasing
The way to let it go, is to let go of the tensionRelease the past with the breath.
With each out-breath.  Breathe it out, as your
Body grows heavier.  Breathe it out as you feel
Those negative thoughts and emotion release
Note – feeling negative cannot make us a
Negative person.  We can be feeling negative
Even as we talk/behave positively
While breathing and feeling, the mind has
A strong tendency to skip away
It’s a cycle: when the mind slips away, the body
And breath tighten back up; gently bring
Yourself back and breath out the tension. 
And that much more of the past is released
3  And if you’re feeling very negative, another
Way to release is to take action!  Do something
Physical, like go to the gym, dance hard or
Take a fast walk. 
Pounding on the bed and yelling/screaming
Also works
4  If you want to literally blast a feeling out
Click here (but first fasten your seat belt):
Make it a practice! 
Make breathing and relaxing a regular part of your Life: whenever you feel tension in your body, let it go
For overall health, as well as the freedom you deserve
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