Stop ‘Helping’ Those Around You?

( A 60-Second Look at a Life-Lifting Change )
You can stop helping others.She wouldn’t stop trying to ‘help’ me.  She
Saw the changes I needed in my life, the
Ones that would do me the most good
And she worked hard (often behind the
Scenes) to push me in the right directions
She couldn’t understand my resistance
That I tended to dig in when someone
Pushed.  And she didn’t understand the
End of our relationship either
People everywhere are trying to get those
Around them to change: to lose weight
To start dating; or even to just to see the
Sunny side of life
I think we hope that their change will
Somehow help us.  Or maybe it’s just
Easier to concentrate on them rather
Than take a good look at ourselves
One of the problems that tears up relationships is
That we ‘Helpers’ tend to start without first
Asking.  At the very least this can be intrusive
And might even be considered arrogant
 You can stop if you want to.
If ‘helping’ is a part of your life, there are 4
Good reasons to stop:
1  Us pushing and them resisting puts
Distance in the relationship
2  And people do resist.  They dig in, and
No mountain of persuasive argument
is going to move them—until they
are ready
3  The change we so much want for them
Is often a change we want for ourselves 
4  And, finally, the only person on the
Planet we can truly change is the one
(writing and) reading these words
                                         You are in charge of your life.
So let’s do that.  Let’s go for the 1 change that
Means the most to us, because that is the
Change that will lift our lives the most. 
Right now.  And inspire those around us too
How?  Like this: Follow Your Dreams?  2 Simple Reasons Crash thru the ‘Not now’s’ and ‘No’s’
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